Thread Title: Prompt to ask for a name before download

Thread Description (By: Carrzkiss):
Instead of doing this ClientSide, I decided to do it on the ServerSide. Which is safer and makes for better security and coding.
This was a good learning experience, and worked out great. Took about 45 minutes to design the whole 3 page layout.
Might have been less time spent, not sure. What happens is when the visitor comes onto the site,
they choose the items they want to download, then they enter their email address 2 times to confirm,
and their name. Then they submit, 1 of 3 things are going to happen:
#1: The email address's are not the same, the user has to come back and re-enter their information again.
#2: The email exist in the database, so the Visitor is faced with the download link.
#3: The email address is new, so we enter it into the database.

Pretty sweet really.
I like it, and I know that the asker is going to love it.

I love ASP and I love the Power of Knowledge
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