Thread Title: Change Sides (messes up content)

Thread Description (By: Carrzkiss):
it's not really the case...

say you got the following layout
<table> --1st layer
  <table> -- 2nd nested layer
    <table> --3rd nested layer

table {direction:rtl;}
would only swap the 1st layer
table table table{direction:ltr;}
would just keep the content in the 3rd layer table in the direction left to right.
The above style do not do any affect on the 2nd table.

As I have suggested, you should use class to accomplish this.
Using the style
table {direction:ltr;}

and apply the class rtltab to any table you want to swap just like the example below. So if a table is not in the class, it will remain original. This style is independent of your page structures which is much easier for you to maintain.

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